Laziale Distribuzione is the original name of the Group born at the end of the 70s in Pomezia thanks to Giuseppe Bursese’s foresight.

Alessandro and Giuseppe Bursese (CEO and President of LDI Logistics Group).

After a brief start as a shipping company, detecting important market changes and following a natural vocation, it has become a real logistics operator which is able to offer a wide range of integrated services. Laziale Distribuzione opens its new subsidiary in Lombardy with its three new sites: Paderno Dugnano, Bollate e Ceriano Laghetto. Lates it consolidates its presence in the North of Italy, opening a new facility in Bologna. Developing its headquarter in Santa Palomba, the Group makes its remarkable leap.


Through its 80.000 sqm of covered area, it is one of the cutting-edge centers in the national logistics. The driving force of the Group is the structural intervention to the IT management platforms.

We constantly invest in technological improvement and training of human resources to guarantee the growth of our business.

Through a diversified and coherent offer of services and its international expansion, LDI Logistics Group has acquired the tools of healthy competitiveness on the market, based on strict control of processes, operational control and management costs. It is one of the most consolidated Italian logistics and distribution entities.


The profound changes that have taken place in the last twenty years have changed industrial processes and introduced new technologies able to support the increasing of volumes. Also, interconnections between multiple subjects have grown, forming a stronger network. LDI has caught the signs of this evolution with a challenge: to put the person at the center, as the engine of intelligence and artificial processes.

We are aware of the strategic importance that new applications offer, and we make extensive use of them, but we are equally aware that the real difference in services is made up of a team of cohesive people who are aware of the role they play in the market.


We develop high-quality services tailored to the customer, certified since 1997.
LDI Logistics Group operates in the logistics and distribution sector with high added value, carrying out activities on the behalf of its customers in compliance with the procedures and quality standards required by ISO standards.

Since 1997, the Quality Management System adopted by the LDI Logistics Group has been certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9002: 1994 standard. Since 2003 by the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard with field of application: provision of integrated and distribution logistics services; customized arrangements; secured storage, even at controlled temperature, with particular reference to the

clothing, fashion accessories, promotional, editorial and pharmaceutical sectors; archives management; collection, road transportation and distribution on behalf of third parties. ADR and  controlled temperature is provided.

Download our quality certificates
Laziale Distribuzione Certificato ISO 14001:2015   Laziale Distribuzione - ISO 9001:2015
Interlaziale - ISO 9001:2015

These are the main objectives of our quality policy:

. Optimize: achieve the best relationship between the results produced and the resources used.

. Quality: maximize the relationship between the results perceived by the customer and the price paid.

. Safety in the workplace: compliance and application of all laws regarding health and safety in the workplace.

. Environmental protection: respect and application of environmental laws and reduction of waste produced.

. Competence: continuous training and information of staff to make them capable of orienting themselves in their field.

. Professionalism: seriousness and respect for the company, customers, colleagues and other interlocutors.

. Growth: evolve respecting the needs expressed by the market.

. Creativity: seeking improvement and innovative strategies.

. Information: target timing.

. Determination: achieve the pre-established goal.