LDI Group offers national and international distribution services: inland transport, maritime transport and air transport. Our services are suitable for any need thanks to a widespread network of distribution platforms.

The distribution service on the national territory takes place through owned and third party vehicles. Through satellite control, they are constantly traceable until its final delivery. An online tracing service allows customers to monitor the progress of shipments in real time.


  • Ordinary: ideal for handling medium and large volumes, it ships throughout Italy in 48/72 hours.
  • Express: the service for delivery in Italy, islands included, within 24/48 hours.
  • International: we are able to manage ordinary services in EU countries in 4/5 days and expressed in 2/3 days.
  • B2C: we offer advanced services to the final private customer, through administrative and vendor management systems.
  • GD / GDO: We operate in massive volumes for large retailers.
  • Intermodal: the strategic position of our sites allows intermodal train-rubber activities.
  • Technical courier: LDI is able to manage advanced services in the IT market. Our plants are equipped with men and vehicles dedicated to the technological treatment of IT equipment: configuration (staging), hardware and software upgrading, regeneration (refurbishing) of equipment or parts.

Certifications and Authorizations:
Registration in the List of Truckers and REN - National Register of Trucking Companies.