Supply chain for high-tech products.
Through our facilities, laboratories, technology and qualified personnel for a complete logistics chain: from testing and acceptance to assembly, from installation to maintenance and assistance.

Management and control of the entire cycle.
Our logistics chain does not stop with the installation of the product, we guarantee routine and complex maintenance through on-demand assistance. We offer a wide range of services often developed together with customers.
The equipment (configured and customized) is sent daily from our center to the platforms, where there are technicians in charge of installation, testing, possible withdrawal of the obsolete, help desk services and on-demand assistance interventions.

An independent 10,000 mq plant with lab.
Entirely dedicated to the management of the latest generation of electronics parts and IT products. Inside there is a 1,500 mq hi-tech multifunctional lab fully wired and flexible for testing activties and quality control. It offer the assembly of add-on components, the generation of master disks, the installation of hardware and software components, setting peripheral connection parameters and more.